Assistance with accountancy, tax & legal matters

Concentrate your ressources on your core business
  • • Keeping all or some of your accounts
  • • Preparing and filing your group’s consolidated annual accounts
  • • Managing your fiscal and legal obligations
  • • Provinding account forecats, calculating cash flow and compiling business plans


Reporting and financial information

Improve the quality and efficiency of your affiliate’s reporting
  • • Working with your Finance Department to prepare monthly or quaterly reports in your group’s formats
  • • Converting accounts to another system
  • • Preparing statutory accounts from the accounting data generated by your information system
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Assistance with staff management

Outsource your payroll management and receive daily assistance
  • • Processing the payroll and employer’s declarations
  • • Drafting contracts of employment
  • • Assessing staff management
  • • Introducing employee saving schemes
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Legal and contractual auditing

Ensuring the accuracy of accounting and financial information
  • • Auditor meeting all applicable standards
  • • Due diligence directly relating to legal matters and acquisition audits
  • • Auditor of transfers, mergers and conversions
  • • Contractual auditing, financial data analysis , investigations, assessments and more


Estimated annual data