Independent accounting and auditing services

  • icon_biColor_box 300 clients

    We provide independent accounting and auditing services to over 300 clients.

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  • icon_biColor_people Our team

    Our team of 25 qualified professionals offer a pragmatic approach leading to tailored solutions.

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  • icon_biColor_arrow 30 years

    Since it was founded over thirty years ago, our company has provided a comprehensive range of services to clients including SME, institutions, investment funds, holding companies and affiliates of French or foreign groups.

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  • The quality programme that guides our company’s development is recognized by ISO 9001 certification.

  • Certification de Système Qualité - DNV-GL - ISO 9001

  • CE&S has concluded a cooperation agreement with WTS Global.
    With a presence in over 100 countries, WTS Global is one of the world’s leading tax consultancy networks.

  • Local Partner of WTS global

  • Actualities


  •  Our services

  • Assistance with accountancy, tax & legal matters

    Concentrate your ressources on your core business

  • Reporting and Financial information

    Improve the quality and efficiency or your affiliate’s reporting

  • Assistance with staff management

    Outsource your payroll management and receive daily assistance

  • Legal and contractual auditing

    Ensuring the accuracy of accounting and Financial information

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  •  Our team

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  •  Our clients


who responded to our questionnaire
said they are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the quality of our service

Source : Survey satisfaction (2013)

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  •  The pine cone

Green troughouht the years,
the pine evokes immortality,
while its sturdy drunk represents uprightness.

The pine cone scales hide a multitude of seeds,
sign of never-ending renewal of expertise.

Their arrangement symbolises an abundance of ideas
and the opening to the outside.
Their multiplicity symbolizes activity and alertness.